A Bunch Of Rob Fords Resign, But Not The Alleged Crack-Smoking One. Does This Make It A Better Or Worse Time To Name Your Baby “Rob Ford?”

WLTX reports that South Carolina State Senator Rob Ford has resigned after an Ethics Committee heard things related to ethics, including allegations that he used campaign money at two adult stores.

Meanwhile, the National Post reports Rob(ert) Ford, U.S. Ambassador to Syria is also resigning due to exhaustion.

That’s a lot of Rob Fords resigning! But for those of you who have been reading this site, or paying attention to the news, Toronto Mayor/alleged crack-smoker Rob Ford is not among them.

3 Questions That Arise From These Coincidences

1. Will “Rob-Ford” knock “Liam” off the most popular baby name list in 2013? Or are soap operas and reality shows more likely to determine names on that list?

2. Same question above for girls with the name “Robin-Ford” potentially replacing “Charlotte.”

3. Is there another politician somewhere named Rob Ford who is allegedly stealing Ford motor vehicles? And if you voted for him, would you have a right to be surprised given his campaign slogan was “I’ll Rob Fords for you, not Fjords, like my Norwegian competitor, Rolf Fjord.”

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