Capitals Is Actually A Good Team Name. Awww, We Still Love You Washington.

In our last instalment of our series examining Washington, D.C. sports team names, it’s time to look at the city’s NHL team, the Washington Capitals!

That’s actually a pretty appropriate name, Washington. But could you have picked a more appropriate name? We think so!

3 More Appropriate Names For A Washington Hockey Team

1.The Washington Tea Parties. This team would play in a stadium financed by government subsidies and funding. That said, all of the fans would support an end to any government spending, except on the services they use, which they didn’t know were paid for by the government.

2. THE WASHINGTON MY-CAPS-LOCK-KEY-IS-STUCK-ON-MY-KEYBOARDS. It happens, people! Especially to people articulating tea party viewpoints on internet message boards, because as you know, if it’s typed in all caps, it is much more convincing!

3. The Washington Filibusters. This team never scores any goals, because every time they get possession of the puck, the captain gets up and starts giving a meaningless speech.

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  1. At least the Filibusters wouldn’t let the other team score either, at least not until the opposing team has at least 60 players in possession of the puck.


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