Running For Office And Your Competitor Ran A Red Light With A Reporter In Their Car?

Yesterday, we wrote about how following a dare from her son, Christy Clark, the leader of British Columbia, Canada, reportedly intentionally ran a read light with a reporter in the back seat of her vehicle!

As mentioned, she’s up for reelection, so if she becomes more popular after this move, her opponents may want to consider some of these:

3 Additional Dumber Things For A British Columbian Politican To Do With A Reporter In The Backseat Of Their Car

1. Say: “This Province needs to be more ‘District of Columbia’ than ‘British Columbia!’ We’re headed there! Oh, no, we’re trapped on a round-about trying to get from K Street to M Street, after getting side-tracked by ten one-way streets in the wrong direction! It’s almost like the people who designed these roads are intentionally trying to create gridlock, like Congress or any other legislative body!”

2. Say: “This Province needs to be more ‘Columbia University’ and less ‘British Columbia!'” Why are we even in a car instead of on the “A” Train? Oh, right, because we kidnapped a reporter to force them to give a lecture at the Columbia School of Journalism on ‘What Not To Do With A Reporter In The Back Seat Of A Car.'”

3. Say: “This Province should be more ‘Columbia House Record Club’ and less ‘British Columbia!'” Enjoy your ride to the post office, where I just signed you up for nine cassette tapes for $0.01 on this Columbia House card from a 1992 issue of Car & Driver I found in the glove compartment, next to a British Columbia ‘Learn To Drive Smart’ book that is on my must-read list! I’m 21 years behind on my reading list. I should have never signed up for the Columbia House Book Club!”

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  1. I think I commented on another post that it was perhaps your best yet. I need to amend that now. This is your best yet.

    You’re on a roll.


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