Iran Confirms It Does Not Have A Time Machine, In Case You Wonder Who Those People Visiting You In Silver Unibody Suits from 2050 Are!

Update on a recent story we’ve been following! ABC News reports that Iran has set the record straight: they do not have a time machine.

3 Reasons We Already Knew An Iranian Scientist Didn’t Invent A Time Machine

1. The plot for the movie Hot Tub Time Machine seemed more plausible than the scientist’s explanation that the machine brings the future to you.

2. We already invented the time machine, which is how we keep a daily blog going, mocking news in what virtually seems like real time!

3. Iran didn’t go back to the year 2008 and sell all of its oil when it was at record prices. Instead, in 2008, Iran was reportedly holding a Chris de Burgh concert, which we can all agree was 20 years too late for that, a clear sign of not having a time machine!

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