Finally, Clothing That Tells People Exactly What Emotions You Are Feeling!

The Washington Post reports that new wearable devices can sense how you are feeling, and send text messages to your contacts to let them know your current emotional state.

The technology also allows you to wear a sweater that lets others in the same room as you know whether you are happy or under stress. (A sweater covered in what looks like metallic leaves can do that by having the leaves move in a certain direction to convey your mood.)

3 Places You May Not To Wear Clothing Revealing Your Emotions

1. The weekly poker tournament at your friend’s house. Not only will everyone know your hands, they may also know you are aroused whenever your friend’s wife enters the room to check up on why she just got a text message saying you were angry. (You were angry because you keep losing because everyone knows your hands from your emotion-revealing sweater!)

2. Court. The judge will not be impressed that you are feeling especially “deceitful” while on the stand, or that you feel happy, when he accidentally slams his thumb with his gavel.

3. On the runway of a fashion show. Everyone will know you’re sad when they become depressed by looking at your latest wearable technology on the runway, which will, of course, make you sad. Nobody will have cried so much since the end of My Girl.

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  1. seems like it might put a serious damper on flirting


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