We’re Hoping Girl Who Eats Ramen Noodles Every Meal Gets Bored Of Ramen Noodles Like Many University Students Who Make The Same Microwavable 30 Cent Meal Every Day…

The New York Daily News reports that a British eighteen-year-old, who suffers from a non-recognized condition called “selective-eating disorder,” has spent the past 13 years phasing out everything but ramen noodles from her diet, which is currently the only thing she will eat.

Despite the fact that this is unhealthy, and her doctors say she has the health of an 80-year-old, you are reading an uplifting web-site, so there must be a bright-side, right? Well, maybe someone reading about this in the news can help this girl overcome her condition, so she can improve her health and Wii-fit health age. Until then, here are:

3 Worse Things Someone Could Eat Than Ramen Noodles Every Day.

1. Ramen noodles secretly containing horse DNA, mystery seafood products and pork-labelled-as-elk, the latter of which was recently found in Elk lasagna at European IKEA stores, according to the BBC. People of Europe, maybe it’s time to ask why you are shopping for your wild-game groceries at an assemble-it-yourself furniture store!

Ramen Noodles Japan!

We’re sure everyone would be happier if this girl tried some ramen noodles in Japan with healthy vegetables, instead of the mystery vegetable-flavored powder available at stores.

2. Elk lasagna made with real elk and not pork! Why is this a thing, and preventing elk-hunters along with the rest of the American public from buying Bushmaster assault rifles from their friends, without a background check not a thing?

3. Any giant cup advertising ramen noodles on the roof of a building at Times Square! Yes, it is possible to find something with the words “ramen noodles” on it that is less healthy than ramen noodles.

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