Obama Makes A Sci-Fi Faux-Pas By Referring To A “Jedi Mind Meld,” Otherwise Known As A Normal Conversation-Opposite-Of-Faux-Pas

Yahoo reports that President Obama made an error today, combining nerdy concepts from Star Trek and Star Wars in a speech explaining why he can’t just use his mind to achieve consensus in Congress.

Actually, we disagree with the idea that combining names of sci-fi terms is an error. We are glad the President doesn’t know these specific details.

3 More Names For Sci-Fi Mind Control We Would Have Accepted From The President

1. A Jedi Subway Melt. Covered in bacon, this has all the pork Congress likes to complain about, but then approve, or not approve and also complain about.

2. “A genius way to telepathically get the media and Twitter to talk about something useless like Star Trek while a budgetary crisis may or may not be happening” Melt.

3. There is no reason to come up with a name, as everything in Congress is going just fine. And now sit back and enjoy these commercials for Subway melts on Fox News!

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