Don’t Worry Kansas Cat Owners – We Have The Perfect Disguise For Your Cats!

Further to our ongoing coverage throughout 2013 about the new law in Wellington, Kansas limiting the number of cats per household to four, we have potentially great news for all of you cat-owners who may have exceeded your cat limit!

Buzzfeed reports that for $15 you can buy your cat feline-sized Kanye West-esque shutter shades and chains! So when the local authorities come around trying to fine you or confiscate your beloved cats, just be sure to have your cat in costume, and trained to do the following three steps, so that the authorities believe your cat is Kanye or part of his entourage.

3 Steps Your Surplus Cats Dressed As Kanye West May Want To Consider Taking In Wellington, Kansas

1. Immediately confiscate any officer’s pad of tickets and say that Beyonce deserved the pad of tickets for aiding and abetting Jay-Z in lighting an illegally parked car on fire in the Crazy In Love Video.

2. Tell the officer your home is a closed set for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and any “cats” he heard about were reality TV stars in a cat fight.

3. Move To Kansas City, because they love cats so much there that they chose a lion named Sluggerrr as a mascot for the Kansas City Royals. And the lion spells his name about as well as Kanye spells lyrics on his albums, so your cats can apply to join a dream cat mascot team that will distract people in Kansas City when no baseball action is occurring on the field, which is probably all nine innings.

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