We Wonder If The “Plus” In Google+ Stands For “Plus Everyone Else On The Internet May See What You Just Wrote.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that in an effort to get more people to use Facebook competitor Google+, that Google is automatically creating public Google+ accounts for people who sign up for Google services such as Gmail and YouTube.

We assume this means that the next time a woman falls into a mall water fountain while texting and walking, that people who leave mean comments on YouTube may not be as anonymous as they think. Which may make it easier to email those people nasty messages back from your smart phone, right before you fall in the mall’s other water fountain. (Spoiler alert: it’s near the food court.)

3 More Reasons To Use Google+

1. Great way to keep in touch with people fed up with Facebook’s privacy policies who haven’t looked at Google’s privacy policies since last year, since they haven’t looked at their Google+ accounts since last year, since nothing of interest to them was happening on Google+.

2. If you don’t log in, it’s a great way to receive emails from Google telling you there are people you may know on Google+ (who you are already friends with on Facebook and follow on Twitter, just in case you need to see a photo of their latest home-cooked enchiladas a third time.)

3. Google Hangouts allow you to video conference with ten people at once in case you ever wanted to re-enact the opening sequence of the Brady Bunch or create your own home game of Hollywood Squares, minus C- List celebrities like Joan Rivers and Jm J. Bullock.

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