While A Kansas Town Limits Cat Capacity, A Woman In London Seeks To Fill A Cafe With Cats

Yahoo reports that a woman in London is seeking £108,000 of online start-up funding for a cat cafe in London.

What’s a cat cafe? Well you can watch an informative video outlining the business plan by clicking here, or you can trust our description – it’s just like a regular cafe, except it’s filled with specially-selected cats. And not your cats. It’s Wellington, Kansas legislators’ worst nightmare!

3 Less Fun Places To Have A Hot Beverage Than A Cat Cafe

1. At an Apple Store filled with real wild animals from the cat family, representing the names of all their operating systems, including Snow Leopards and Lions.

2. A cat cafe when someone brings in their seeing-eye dog, which we presume would be allowed under law.

3. A cat car-wash! Cats hate water being sprayed at them, and you shouldn’t be drinking hot beverages you could spill in your car!

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3 replies

  1. Cat cafes are very popular in Japan and I would love to see them spread to other countries. They give a home and supply food and companionship to a dozen typically rescued cats while giving people without opportunity to own cats a place to relax with them.


  2. I recommend they set up cameras all around the cafe and have an “All Cats, All the Time” channel streamed live on cable TV and the Internet. You just can’t get enough cats on your screen, I say.


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