New Law In Effect Today Limits Cats, In Case You Wonder Why You Saw Cats With Hobo Bags Hitchhiking

Yahoo reports that a new law in Wellington, Kansas limits the maximum number of cats per household to four.

Naturally, this is a terrible way for NotTheWorstNews to start off the New Year after investing in the exclusive rights to the broadway play Cats for all of Kansas.

3 Worse Things Than Your Town Limiting The Number Of Cats You May Have In Your House

1. Congress passing a bill raising your cats’ taxes, but still not coming to a conclusion to the fiscal cliff dilemma at the time of this entry.

2. Having a very pregnant cat in Wellington, Kansas, this New Year’s Day – you should have never given your cat fertility drugs that increase the likelihood of having more offspring!

3. Still no law limiting appearances of MC Skat Kat to zero this millenium, after his appearance last year on Dancing With The Stars.

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6 replies

  1. One thing I pray they will never limit and that is humorous posts about cats (like yours). I also adore the concept of your blog. I’ll be back.


  2. I think Congress just raised taxes on fat cats,and if they truly want to limit the number of cats, they should develop some sort of abstinence program for cats. Not that it ever worked on humans, but when did that ever stopped politicians?


  3. That crack about rats and mice elected was just priceless!



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