In Honor Of The Family Living Like It’s 1986, We’re Writing Like It’s 1986!

Yesterday we wrote about a Canadian family that has decided to forego modern technology and fashions to live like it’s 1986 until sometime next year.

In honor of this bold move, we are going to blog write this article on the surface of jelly bracelets, just like it’s 1986.

3 Topics On Our Mind, Right Now, In 1986

1. Rock N’ Roll is dead! For those of you who with an appetite for destruction, come party with us down by Joshua Tree National Park tonight. We’ll be melting vinyl and cassette copies of this year’s Grammy winner – Phil Collins’ “No Jacket Required” in the heat, while we listen, longingly to the nearest classic rock station, on FM Stereo!

2. President Reagan sure is getting the job done at keeping government spending down! Oh wait, we just learned the previous statement may not be true from a Mad Magazine fold-in.

3. NBC has the comedic gold on TV tonight! They sure are on a roll! Man, Saturday nights are the best night to watch television! The Golden Girls, the Facts of Life, 227, and Amen! Amen, indeed! We’re sure this new Fox network will never disrupt this Saturday night stay-at-home-and-watch-TV juggernaut with years of shaky camera footage of drunk people getting arrested!

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