Drug Lord Who Escaped From Mexican Prison Caught After Contacting Movie Producers To Make Film About His Escape

CNN reports that a drug king pin nicknamed “El Chapo,” who escaped from Mexican prisons twice, most recently using an elaborate tunnel system, has been caught again… after contacting film producers to ask them to make a bio pic of his story.

Since we are all about mocking entertainment, here are:

3 Working Titles We Propose For The Movie

  1. “Untitled Prison Break Feature With Ending More Implausible Than Season Two of the TV Series Prison Break”
  2. “I Should Have Never Had The Producers Write A Police-Academy-like ‘Where Are They Now’ Musical Montage For The End Of The Movie Saying Where I Really Am Now”
  3. “All Of This Freedom And Still Never Sneaked Into America, Although If I Wanted To, Would Have Dug A Tunnel Under Any Trump Wall.”

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  1. I guess El Chapo got a deal for a movie and a sequel.


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