3 Reasons People Like Airlines Better Than Cable Companies

Yesterday we wrote about a study of many Americans that revealed that cable and internet companies were the least popular companies in any industry in America, including airlines.

Here are 3 reasons we guess people like airlines better than cable companies…

1. On an airline, if you don’t want to pay a fee for extra baggage, you can just bring a carry-on.  With cable, if you don’t want to pay for extra baggage – too bad, you’re still paying for all the channels showing the latest reality TV baggage on TLC, Bravo, and E!

2. On an airline, if the flight you paid for makes you nauseated, you get a free vomit bag! With cable, if what Fox News has to say makes you nauseated… you have to pay for that, too!

3. On an airline, if you want to change your flight to an earlier time, you can do so, probably for a fee that makes no sense because the airline is filling a seat they could not otherwise fill. With cable, if you want to cancel a package early, you’ll also have to pay a ridiculous fee, if you’re willing to wait on hold, and then get transferred to the “cancellations specialist,” all of which you probably won’t have time to do because you have a flight out of town to catch.

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