NotTheWorstNews Seeks To Set Cal Ripken-Like Consecutive Comedy Blog Entry Record, Just In Time For Tonight’s MLB All-Star Game!

This is the 17th consecutive day that NotTheWorstNews has posted a comedic entry. Thanks to all the followers who have “clicked” like on various entries.

This reminded us that Baltimore Oriole great, Cal Ripken, Jr., set the Major League Baseball record for most consecutive games played at 2,631. We can’t break that record, but we can sure as punch try to publish comedy articles for a mere 2,631 consecutive days (Eastern Standard Time). At 17 days in, that’s just another 2,614 entries to go! You heard it here, first! (If you heard it somewhere else that means someone is dictating when we write our material – that would be terrible news!)

3 Worse Things Than Writing A Comedy Blog For 2,631 Consecutive Days

1. That’s enough time for the Earth’s axis to shift! If it started rotating like Venus, where one day equals 243 earth days, that could take about 635,688 current Earth years.

This building will be used for space travel in 7 years, and renamed “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Field At Citi Point!”

2. Someone else could have already started pursuing a similar record and we just didn’t know about it, because we’ve been too busy reading mildly bad world news, and not the latest comedy blogs from Jupiter, where a day is only about 9.9 hours. Someone on Jupiter could copy our idea years from now and still beat us!

3. Writing a blog for 2,630 consecutive days and then forgetting to write the last entry because the final episode of the Simpsons is premiering on the 2,630th day! And the robots, who solved global warming, also adjusted the Earth’s axis to make a day last 30 minutes. This is good news as it will reduce human unemployment, because the average human will still retire at age 65 years, which is age 1.35 (more commonly referred to as 16 months old by new parents) in post-robot human years. But bad news if you only have half an hour to write a blog entry that day and were watching the Simpsons instead.

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