Fireworks Show Accidentally Goes Off Early In A Possible Desperate Attempt To Be A Double-Entendre Joke Punchline!

CNN reported that a San Diego fireworks display meant to celebrate the Fourth Of July was unintentionally ignited early, resulting in the entire show lasting 15 seconds.

For those who attended the event and feel short-changed, remember, it could be worse. Here are 3 Worse Entertainment Productions That Could Be Reduced to 15 Seconds:

1. An eight season complete box set of the series 24You certainly would feel ripped off if all that was inside the box was one disc, with eight seconds of a clock “beeping” and seven seconds of credits rolling. But that’s what you get for buying boxed sets at flea markets set up in freight-train boxcars passing through your town!

2. Katy Perry’s song “Firework!” So you decide to seek some musical inspiration and download this song from, completely unaware that the “.gs” extension is for the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. “There’s a South Sandwich island and I wasn’t invited,” you exclaim, spilling your large Diet Pepsi from Subway on your keyboard, causing it to fry and sparks to fly, right before Katy Perry gets to the inspirational, and now ironic, part about the fireworks.

3. Spider-Man – Turn Off The Dark. While this Broadway musical has suffered delays as multiple cast members have been injured, the remaining cast members would probably be very dismayed that they have to do all of the high-flying action sequences in just 15 seconds to accommodate the entertainment demands of the Generation-X-er, short-attention-spanned audiences who probably comprise a large part of the broadway-superhero-musical target market.

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