We Solved It! Trump Doesn’t Might Not Get How “Polls” or “Voting” Works.

Donald Trump tweeted that Washington Times and Drudge Report “polls” say he won last night’s debate, according to over 70 percent of… um…people who visited the websites and chose to click as many times as they want that he won.

You can view the Washington Times non-scientific “poll” by clicking here.

Here are 3 Observations We Have About This Story…

  1. Perhaps this is why Trump thinks the election is rigged – because anyone can just go to any web site and vote as many times as they want in a non-scientific poll, which he will call a “poll.” How ironic that he’s alleging people will vote in the real election more than once – and then within hours says online surveys where people can vote more than once are legit polls.
  2. The American election is not American Idol! One vote per adult person. Not 100 votes from tweens who thought Phillip Phillips was dreamy. Although we get that the Celeb Apprentice former host may confuse reality TV rules with real life rules.
  3. Also like the Celeb Apprentice – you do not get to make the final arbitrary decision who wins. Everyone gets a vote! Even if you don’t like the result. Which is good, because as far as we can tell, despite insulting Clinton’s 30 years of experience, in your Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, 30 years of singing one hit song is enough experience to make Bret Michaels the best of the best in your boardroom. (Until you fired him first seasons later, because, come on, he totally wasn’t qualified to be there).

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  1. #1 your vote doesn’t count. You vote for an electoral college that Does NOT have to vote the way of it’s constituency. The supreme court further proved it when with over 2000 ballots in a Democrat held county(Dade FLA) G Bush 43 was with in 500 votes of loosing, decided NOT to count anymore votes.
    The people you supposedly vote for are reading a teleprompter and selling it. Who writes what’s on the teleprompter? People who have been in politics for 35-45 yrs THAT YOU DON’T GET TO VOTE FOR..
    Policy is not written or made by those who could be ousted in 3,4,8 short yrs. The art of politics is delaying a matter until it’s no longer relevant.Colonel A.J. Bullard


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