Will Trump Try To Tweet “Delinquent” Charitable Reports?

The State of New York New York Office of the Attorney General has served this Notice on the Trump Foundation.

It requires alleged “delinquent” reports of the Trump Foundation to be filed in 15 days.

We can’t wait to see these reports if they are made public! Until then, here are:

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. Will Trump file any reports via Twitter? 15 days doesn’t seem like a lot of time – so it may be the fastest way to get them in before the election.
  2. Seriously, wouldn’t it be easy to file charitable donation reports via Twitter? If the reports require stating how much money you donated to charity, we suspect the average Tweet has the more than enough characters.
  3. Why do so many Americans love voting for non-transparent things? Why not just vote for a wall… oh wait, never mind.

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