Trump Has Supporters Overflowing On Airport Runway?

During a speech to supporters at a Valencia, Ohio airport hangar today in front of his plane, Donald Trump said he had so many supporters that they couldn’t fit on the hangar, and thousands are on the runway.

We don’t know whether he was joking or exaggerating, but we suggest:

3 Worse Places To View A Rally Than An Airport Runway

  1. An airport runway with “obstructed view” printed on the tickets. Who puts concrete support beams on an airport runway?
  2. La Guardia airport runway – lots of planes landing and you may fall in the water – unless your name is “Frogger” this video game situation is probably not for you!
  3. The window of a plane that you expected to land in Orlando for your Disney World vacation that accidentally landed at some airport in the middle of nowhere Ohio. What a lame way to start your vacation, but in fairness, “Ohio,” and “Orlando” do sound the same when your pilot says them through a Mouse mascot costume.

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