We Want Our Hour Back, Daylight Savings Time!

CBC reports that Daylight Savings Time just celebrated its 100 birthday. Despite various rationals for moving the clocks ahead, the biggest advocates of Daylight Savings Time are big business: because people spend more when it is bright outside.

In honor of this moment in history, here are:

3 Ways We’d Like To Celebrate Daylight Savings Time’s 100th Birthday

  1. By turning the clock back one year. There’s goes your centurion celebration, annoying 99-year-old Daylight Savings Time!
  2. While we’re turning back the clock a year, can we all agree, the world was better when Donald Trump was just an occasional participant in WWE events instead of a front-running Presidential candidate hosting WWE-like events?
  3. Arguing with an Uber driver whether he really spent an hour waiting in traffic at 2:00 a.m., and wondering if we can take a free one-hour Uber when they turn the clocks back.

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