Reddit User: Forbes Pulled Article Opining Sanders Will Win The Presidential Election

According to a Reddit user, Forbes pulled an article, that you can view a transcript of by clicking here.

The article was titled:”How Bernie Sanders Will Win The Nomination (And The Presidency)” and written by Ilya Pozin.

3 More Forbes Titles We Would Like To See

  1. “How dumb Forbes will feel if Bernie Sanders wins the election (after deleting an article predicting that.)”
  2. “Our magazine name is Forbes, not Fortune, so please stop visiting when you want to view the Forbes 500 (which is like, totally different than the Fortune 500.”
  3. “How Forbes deleted an article (It’s awesome, dudes, you can just delete things on the internet, and its not like there’s a cache or some other place where people will ever see it again!)”

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