Trump Steaks Really Bush Brothers Steaks

CNBC reports that some of the assortment of items Donald Trump showed reporters last night are not actually for sale to the public.

From the article:

“‘If we sold $50,000 of [Trump] steaks grand total, I’d be surprised,’ [former Sharper Image CEO] Levin said.

So what steaks did Trump have on display last night? Media reports say the steaks on the table were actually from a company called ‘Bush Brothers.'”

Since we’re all about helping companies, here are:

3 More Products We’d Like To See From A Company Called “Bush Brothers.”

  1. High Energy Drink. For emergency consumption when someone accuses you of being “low energy.”
  2. Super High Energy-Non-Drink. (formerly known as gasoline.)
  3. Trump-branded bags of wind. Open the bag and it will magically say anything and people will believe it, even though its just an empty plastic bag. Or it will do nothing, but be a great grocery bag to carry home all of your wonderful ‘Trump’ products.


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