3 Business Ideas For Kanye West… As He Seems To Need Better Ideas.

Kanye West tweeted an unusual Valentine to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. You can view the tweet by clicking here, where Kanye asks Zuck to invest one billion dollars in “Kanye West Ideas.”  This all followed a Tweet where Kanye said he has $52 million in debt.

This wasn’t a one off Tweet – he later asked Zuck on his birthday to phone him the next day. We don’t know Kanye’s ideas, but we have some of our own…

  1. Asking the founder of Facebook for money via Twitter is a dumb idea. Hot news tip: Facebook is a competitor of Twitter. And not even a formidable competitor. Kanye, if you’re going to do something this dumb, at least do it on Snapchat, so it will disappear and everyone on the internet won’t get to see it forever.
  2. There’s an economic idea called “supply and demand.” So Tweeting that you will never sell your new album or allow it on Apple Music, because you want people to stream it on Tidal, will artificially reduce the supply of your music to the already limited supply of people willing to pay for music.
  3. Same thing goes for your Yeezy Boost shoes – perhaps if you are spending millions to develop shoes that nobody can actually buy, this may be a reason for your financial woes. Here’s a simple sentence to help you remember this: “Boost Boost sales by boosting availability!”

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