You’re More Likely To Get Injured By A Toilet Than Bitten By A Shark

CNN reports that in 1996, toilets injured 43,000 Americans. In contrast, last year 53 Americans were attacked by sharks, the highest level since the year 2000.

And you thought it was embarrassing when you dropped your iPhone in the toilet!

3 More Embarrassing Ways To Injure Yourself

1. Severe paper-cut from reviewing legal papers to launch frivolous lawsuit for injuring yourself on the toilet.

2. Shark biting off back of your Speedo while telling attractive woman on the beach about the unlikelihood of getting bitten by a shark versus getting injured on a toilet.

3. Losing fight to San Jose Shark mascot in men’s room at HP Pavilion after demanding shark refund you after your HP computer crashed in the middle of writing your blog.

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  1. Most embarrassing: Getting bitten by a shark while sitting on the toilet.


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