Amazon Droning On About Drone Delivery

CNBC reports Amazon is experimenting with drones as a potential future delivery method of whatever smaller items you are ordering from Amazon (hopefully not butterflies because that sounds inefficient).

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “But what if I need to get a drone delivered to my house? Will it be delivered by another drone? And what if they mate along the way creating new drones? I only wanted, like, one drone, not a basket full of unwanted drones on my doorstep.”

2.  Is there really anything available on Amazon that you need so badly you require a drone to deliver it instead of waiting a day or however long it takes to order things on Amazon? That cheap, knock-off PhonePad Air isn’t going anywhere fast, even if it does have the word “Air” in its name.

3. If everyone buys everything from Amazon via drones, where are the kids who used to hang out at the mall going to hang out, now that malls are obsolete? Well, looks like the days of teenagers sneaking out of second-story suburban windows to head to parties are over, as drones will pick them up at their windows and deliver everyone to whatever field (or demolished apocalyptic mall rubble) the party is at. (Note to Katie Holmes, this still may not stop James Van Der Beek from showing up at your window the old-fashioned way.)

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  1. I wonder if you can request a drone to take back the knock-off PhonePad once you see it and discover how really tacky it looks?



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