Um, What Are Supreme Courts For, Again?

The purpose of a Supreme Court is to reverse or uphold decisions from lower courts, presumably to correct errors of law affecting the public interest.

Yet lawyers Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz support the idea of the Senate not confirming a nomination of the President to break ties due to the recent vacancy, and waiting until the next President is chosen.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. These guys realize they’re not going to be the next President of the United States, right? We foresee the next time Ted Cruz returns to law and argues in the Supreme Court in front of a Bernie Sanders’ pick or former Celebrity Apprentice winner, Bret Michaels.
  2. If a Democrat is the next President, are these two going to not confirm any pick for another five years? It sounds like we will have self-driving cars before a new Supreme Court Justice, so, also enjoy your other potential new Supreme Court Justice: Siri.
  3. How is it that lawyers are suggesting that there be no mechanism for obtaining final Justice in America for about a year? This would be like Ben Carson advocating no brain transplants until a Republican wins, or Donald Trump advocating no new gold buildings or hair transplants. We think it’s safe to say we know the dire combover consequences of no Trump hair transplants over decades. 

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