Twitter Replaces Stars With Hearts

Twitter has apparently replaced “favourites” symbolized by stars with “likes” symbolized by hearts.  All we can say is: it’s about time, and now here are:

3 More Ways For Twitter To Copy Facebook and Facebook-Owned-Instagram

  1. Stop showing us every tweet from everyone we follow, even if they tweet Moby Dick 140 characters by 140 characters.  Nobody wants to scroll through tweets of a 215,517 book broken down into 140 character bits, other than maybe your data provider, hoping you will go over the limit to continue scrolling until you find the latest Kendall Jenner news.
  2. Oh, and get rid of that 140 character thing.  That would make that series of a million Moby Dick tweets easier to breeze through. Wha? You’re reportedly already thinking of doing that? Seems like you don’t need our advice on how to copy Facebook more.
  3. Get people to use your app more than every time you trick them by sending an alert to their phone that something just happened. Especially when that something is three strangers just retweeted something.  Anyway, given Facebook reported a billion daily users yesterday, might we suggest the easiest way to copy that is just give everyone in China, where Facebook is banned, a free phone with Twitter Lite installed (because Twitter is also banned).*

*In our vision Twitter Lite involves the bird pictured on the app flapping its wings and flying away to freedom.**

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2 replies

  1. I’m pretty sure that in China, the part about the “bird flying away to freedom” will be grounds to ban Twitter Lite as well.


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