Car Full Of Clowns Rescues Women

The Toronto Sun reports that a man dressed as a clown rescued two women from being harassed by a man in the streets dressed in a shirt, shorts, and no shoes.  The clown threw the women into his car, which was also full of clowns, including a pregnant clown.

3 Reading Comprehension Test Questions From This Story With Answers At The End

  1. Was there a chance the potential attacker consumed too much beer bought at 7-Eleven?
  2. “Holy *#^%? Did I just read a story about a pregnant clown saving the day?”
  3. How did they find room in the car for the two women?


  1.  No. Specifically, no shoes, nor shirt, no service at 7-Eleven. We were including reading signs at convenience stores in our reading comprehension test.  Also no beer at convenience stores in Canada.
  2. Yes. Now read our story from yesterday about the woman in labor completing a college exam.
  3. It’s a clown car. There’s always room for more people. Even if the car label said “Smart For Two.” Smart For Two, doesn’t mean “Impossible For Ten Clowns and Two Strangers.”

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2 replies

  1. Lol! Where do you get this stuff? The image of a car full of clowns is funny enough, but to have them involved in a rescue is hilarious.


  2. Lmao your question and answer thing was amusing and funny 😂


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