Trump SNL: Where Were The Jokes?

Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live last night.  As we wrote yesterday, Trump reportedly asked the show to cut some risqué jokes that may offend Iowa voters.

So what we got were a bunch of sketches that seemed like Trump for President commercials, including a mock commercial with endorsements from former porn stars, ending with Trump showing up and saying he definitely does not endorse this message.  The main self-deprecating humor were sketches suggesting Trump has no plans to deliver his promises, Trump insults people on Twitter, and Trump may be racist.

3 Funnier Things In Last Night’s SNL Than Anything Trump Said

  1. SNL managed to find a musical guest with crazier hair than Trump. We’re not familiar with the work of “Sia” but, really, two songs with your bangs completely covering your eyes?  (Note to Ben Carson: since candidates with crazy hair are in, perhaps you may want to wear one of these eye-covering wigs, since your eyes never seem to be open.  Then, just like Sia, you can draw open eyes on your face to look more attentive.)
  2. Everything Larry David said, including his Bernie Sanders impersonation, and yelling Trump was a racist to jokingly try to win the $5,000 prize offered by an anti-Trump group to any audience member who yelled that during the show. We’re pretty certain that David could have hosted, improvised the whole show, and been funnier than anything the writers were allowed to use. And if David hosted instead of Trump, NBC wouldn’t have to worry about offending any Republican fans in Iowa because they all would have been asleep by 9 pm.
  3. The fact that “Drunk Uncle” is still a character. Seriously, Bobby Moynihan, you’ve been a cast member since 2008 and this is the freshest stuff you’ve got?  The world economy almost collapsed and then was rebuilt in that time.  Perhaps you can build a new character more interesting than “drunk” by 2016. *fingers crossed*

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