3 Lessons Learned After Trump Ends Fox News Boycott Within A Week

Yahoo reports that six days after Donald Trump said he would boycott Fox News for the foreseeable future, he agreed to appear on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor.

3 Lessons Learned From Donald Trump’s Fox News Boycott

  1. When Trump says he’d boycott Iran, unlike European countries that are lifting boycotts, he really means it, and is definitely a better negotiator and boycotter than Obama.
  2. Maybe the reason Trump says so many offensive things to various groups is when they threaten to boycott his products, he thinks the definition of “boycott” is “six days.”
  3. Fox News still remained on the air, despite Trump’s boycott, indicating his boycotts do not seem so effective. Yup, even Greg Gutfeld stayed on the air – you know the guy with a talking wall and a bunch of panelists trying way too hard to be funny and never succeeding.  Yup, a Trump boycott couldn’t even knock that guy off TV.

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