You Didn’t Get The Memo: UFOs Exist According To Alleged FBI Memo

Yahoo reports that Japanese UFO researchers have found an FBI memo saying that several three-feet tall aliens flew a saucer to New Mexico, where it crashed as New Mexican radar apparently disrupts flying saucers.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. Isn’t this similar to how Will Smith took down the aliens in Independence Day using a computer virus? Man, does Hollywood have any original ideas it doesn’t rip off aliens?
  2. How depressing is it when you fly to another planet, and radar, something meant to guide you to a safe flight takes you down?  (Probably more depressing when your entire visit was buried in a memo, instead of posted to Facebook for your alien friends to see.)
  3. How do FBI memos about aliens wind up in Japan? We’re not saying that if something like that happens to you, your secretary is not very good at filing.  Rather, we are saying that obviously UFOs flew the memo to Japan.

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