Finally, An Ad Campaign To Speak Out Against A Company With Some Healthier Food Choices!

“The Center for Consumer Freedom” has launched an ad campaign against Chipotle Mexican Grill.

One of the criticisms from the company web site is that “Chipotle also has had a policy forbidding its meat producers from using antibiotics—even though these medicines are used to treat sick animals. This can lead to animal deaths.”

3 Questions For The Center For Consumer Freedom

  1.  Are you saying you are against animal deaths? Because we’re pretty certain eating animals also results in animal deaths, regardless of whether the animals are given antibiotics.  If you have found a way to eat living animals, without killing them, please elaborate on this, as we’re sure Ozzy Osborne would love to be able to do that at a concert or on a reality show.*
  2. Are you saying that humans should consume more animals filled with antibiotics? Thanks, but we’ll choose to try to avoid that, since we hear many humans are not doing so well in hospitals because current antibiotics can’t fight certain infections.  Again, thanks for giving us the freedom to avoid that, “Center For Consumer Freedom.”
  3. By the way, did we mention, we really appreciate that you are spreading freedom, Center For Consumer Freedom? We hate it when we see inmates forced to eat at our local Chipotle.

* p.s. we are not interested in what we can only scientifically guess is your alternative: Tape Worm Burritos!

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