Museums World Wide Banning Selfie Sticks

Yahoo News Digest reports that museums in Paris, including the Louvre are moving toward banning selfie sticks to avoid tourists accidentally damaging art.  The Smithsonian, MOMA, and National Gallery of Australia have already banned the sticks.

3 Observations About This Ban

1. So art museums full of self-portraits are basically banning self-portraits? What’s next? Banning depressing art from the dark ages?

2. When did selfie stick manufacturing become an industry and asking-someone-else-at-the-tourist-attraction-to-take-your-photo become a non-industry? We should have never invested all of our money in the latter.

3. How are people on Facebook going to know you were really at the Louvre? (Other than the fact you checked in and updated your status to “Someone confiscated my selfie stick, and then strangers stole my phone when I asked them to take my photo. And then the thieves posted this update. #OneOfThoseDays.”)

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  1. Well, museums are full of pictures of food, but you’re still not supposed to bring your own.


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