CNN: Over 225,000 Jail-Broken iPhones Hacked…

CNN reports that over 225,000 jail-broken iPhones have been hacked.  “What does ‘jail-break’ mean,” our grandparents are asking.

According to the article:

“Jail-breaking allows iPhone owners to access parts of a phone’s file systems that are otherwise restricted for security reasons.

3 Suggestions To Avoid This Problem

  1. We suggest that if someone offers to do something to your phone with the word “jail” in it, you might want to recall that “jail” is a word associated with thieves so, like, totally reconsider that.
  2. “Breaking” is also usually considered a negative word when applied to devices… are you really sure you want to pay someone money to “break” your device?  You can just drop it in the toilet for free!
  3. “Jail” and “break” together are a reminder of even more negativity, like the TV series “Prison Break.” That’s the show where they break out of prison, and then get sent back to prison, and then break out of that prison, and then wind up in prison in Central America or somewhere, and how did that last more than one season?

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