Guess You Can’t Buy A “Made In China” Trump Tie At Macy’s

CNN reports that due to offensive comments made by Republican hopeful Donald Trump, Macy’s has stopped carrying Trump-branded products.

3 Lessons Learned From This Story

1. Dropped by NBC and now Macy’s for “talking?” Sounds like Trump isn’t so good at this “business” thing.

2. Nothing. (Lessons learned by Donald Trump ever).

3. Maybe now we won’t have to listen to Trump explain how “Made in China” ties are necessary for competition, when arguably, they are not necessary for fashion or any other purpose.  (Seriously, who is shelling out money for ties made in China just to get a Trump logo on the back?)

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2 replies

  1. big deal, really as a business man he and many many other business do the same – get over it


    • Thanks for telling us to “get over” our article from over a year ago that we had forgotten about. But since you brought up the topic, we are unaware of many business people promising to bring jobs back to America, while actively choosing not to make his own branded-ties in America. Further, as on the Letterman clip, where it was shown some of his clothes were made in Bangladesh, where people work in dangerous conditions and have died in factory disasters, it does not make it okay that “many other business (sic) do the same.”


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