3 Observations From Last Night’s “Fear The Walking Dead” Premiere

AMC debuted the latest in the Walking Dead franchise, “Fear The Walking Dead” last night. We have several observations:

  1.  Nobody called the zombies “walkers.” We assume that’s because the show is set in car-centric L.A., where the word “walker” isn’t in anyone’s vocabulary.
  2. The creators have tried a new strategy of creating characters with an arc instead of just randomly introducing us to new characters on the highway, or in farmer’s fields, prisons, or ghost towns run by lunatics.  Now they just need to create character arcs for the zombies, because none of these zombies are going to win Emmys otherwise.*
  3. Is the L.A. River and its culverts ever going to get stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? From Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Grease to every car chase movie, we’re glad to see some zombie action at this location.  Although, we’d be even more glad if the California drought ended so this river was tougher than the action stars who frequent it, or at least a paper towel roll.

*unless they appear in a predictable sit-com in CBS prime time called Big Fang Theory.

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