People Threaten To Burn Down Satan Statue

The Edmonton Sun reports that a Satanic Sculpture was unveiled in a secret location in Detroit by a group that does not worship satan, but supports separation of Church and State.  The location was secret because people threatened to burn the original venue down and many protestors were expected.

3 Observations About This Story

1. Hey, Detroit, remember that KISS comes from your town, and we think they marketed themselves as pro-Satan. (At least based on parents that told us “KISS” stood for “Knights In Satan’s Service.”) So is a statue relatively a big deal?

2.  A statue may not be the worst structure in Detroit. Have they finished tearing down their half-torn down baseball stadium there yet?

3.  Isn’t burning down a building kind of a satanic thing to do? We’re not experts on the topic, but suspect so based on the number of explosion effects at KISS concerts.

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