Ford has figured out how to make coin-holder out of $400 in shredded U.S. currency

Yahoo Finance reports in this video that Ford is creating non-oil based plastics out of interesting materials: dandelions; stuff left over from manufacturing Ketchup; and shredded U.S. currency.

Specifically, $400 worth of old currency, that would have been destined for landfill. Now it can hold your coins.

3 More Products We Want Ford To Recycle

1. Old U.S. coins to make coin-holders. (Consider it a Disney-like “Circle of Life.”)

2. Gernan-branded cars made by U.S. non-union labor. Let’s recycle those into U.S. cars made by Detroit unionized labor. (Imagine the horror on your neighbor’s face when his made-in-the-USA Mercedes is replaced by a “crappy American car.”)

3. Bitcoin into real currency into a Starbucks Venti cupholder.

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