Applebee’s Apparently Think “Free” Is A Suitable Price For Some Of Its Food

CNBC reports that as part of a new promotion, Applebee’s is giving away free food. Specifically “sampler plates of its new sriracha shrimp and churro s-mores appetizers.”  The second appetizer will be given away for dessert.

As we always like to help corporations, here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For Applebee’s

1. “Come for the free appetizer for dessert! Hey, it’s free – stop being so obsessive compulsive about eating courses in order.”

2. “Applebee’s: the Costco of Restaurants.”

3. “Please don’t make our waitstaff cry by telling them a 20% tip of zero is zero.”

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  1. 4) “it just isn’t right to charge money for the food we serve”


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