Toronto Driver Caught With Mannequins In High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

CBC reports that a man has been charged by police after being caught driving in an HOV lane created for the upcoming Toronto Pan Am Games with two female mannequins.  One of the mannequins was wearing a Montreal Expos cap.

From the article:

“‘On a positive note, everyone in the vehicle was wearing a seatbelt,’ say police.”

You’ve set a high bar with that great joke, police!  Anyway, we’ll give it a try… here are…

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Shouldn’t Pan Am Games organizers be happy that some mannequins may be in attendance at the low-selling events?

2. Shouldn’t the man have known that unless you live in Washington D.C. and ironically wear an Expos cap, police, and everyone else is going to be suspicious of you?

3.  Forget the ticket. Do you really want to be seen driving down the street with two female mannequins?  Good luck getting a date with a human after that!

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