Vice Writes Boring Article Full Of Facts On Only Children

Vice recently wrote an article to attempt to determine if there are any difference between only children and children with siblings.

And based on interviews with experts, it seems there isn’t much difference. Some only children reportedly may have a bit more self-esteem.  Obviously Vice asked the experts the wrong questions. Here are:

3 Questions We Would Have Asked Experts About Only Children

1.  Are only children more likely to be possessed in horror movies than identical twins?

2.  If we play ominous music, does that change your answer to question number one?

3.  Does the fact that Vice didn’t manipulate a story to create some sort of only-child hysteria mean that Vice secretly wants a world full of only children? (Then we’d play ominous music.)

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2 replies

  1. “World of only children” already sounds ominous because it makes me think of Lord of the Flies.


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