You Probably Know How Much Your Partner Earns… But 43% Of You Don’t.

Yahoo Finance reports that a recent survey by Fidelity reveals that 43% of people in relationships have no idea what their partners earn.  When asked to guess, 10 percent of survey-takers were off by over $25,000.

3 Observations That Arise From This Story

1. Isn’t a bit ironic that the survey was conducted by an investment company named “Fidelity?”

2. As we’ve written before: another survey indicates that 10 percent of survey-takers are unsure if aliens are running society. So is it really surprising that they think your $24,000 a year job pays minus $1,000?

3. Hey, 10 percent of people got their partner’s salary wrong… we still say that’s better than 11% of Republicans in New Hampshire supporting Donald Trump, according to CNN’s latest poll.

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