Um… About That Really Embarrasing Thing You Ordered On Amazon…

Yahoo Finance reports that Amazon is contemplating creating an app that pays regular people to deliver packages while en route to their own destinations. Think of it as Uber for packages.  If such a service every comes to fruition, here are…

3 Slogans We Propose For An Amazon Delivery-By-Strangers Service

1. Amazon: For The Times You Want Non-Uniformed Strangers To Deliver Candy

2. Amazon: If You Don’t Trust Non-Uniformed Strangers With Your Candy Shipments, Have You Heard Of Our Potential Drone Delivery Service? You’re Cool With Drones, Right?

3. Amazon: Maybe We’ll Pay You To Deliver Your Own Package. Wait Who Approved This Plan? Use The App To Pay A Stranger To Go To Their Office And Fire Them Right Away!

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