3 Sarcastic Excuses As To Why Your “Unlimited” Phone Data Plan May Be Limited

USA Today reports that the FCC plans to fine AT&T over $100 million dollars for allegedly slowing down the speeds of data on “unlimited” phone plans, resulting in the plans technically being “limited.”

Here are our 3 sarcastic explanations of how such a thing could happen with a large carrier.

1. When they we’re talking about “unlimited data” they were referring to how much of your personal data they may or may not share with the government.

2. When they talk about “unlimited data” they’re referring to the amount of personal data hackers may or may not be able to steal from your phone when you inevitably lose your phone in a cab.

3. Hey, didn’t you read the thousand page terms of service which defined “unlimited” as “limited”? ¬†Before you answer, you do remember clicking “I am not a robot,” right?

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