“Thanks For Stealing My Identity, Now I’ll Borrow Yours!”

Yahoo Finance reports that an Albuquerque woman who lost her driver’s license, resulting in her identity being stolen by a San Francisco woman, found and tailed the woman.

She took a bunch of photographs of the identity thief, and has turned them, along with a paper trail of receipts and other items into an art exhibit and a new book.

3 Slogans We Suggest For A Marketing Campaign For The Book

1. “Good luck stealing my identity now that you’re in this book, and everyone in America reads books, right?”

2. “Read this book to find out why that unflattering photo of you on your driver’s license is also useless at protecting your identity.”

3. “If you love reading about identity theft, you’ll love reading this book that has details of my driver’s license and other personal information!”

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