Former HP CEO Who Made That Company “Awesome” Obviously Qualified To Criticize Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Times reports that former HP CEO Carly Fiorina released a video criticizing Hillary Clinton, saying that her time at the State Department lacked accomplishments.

As they say, that’s like the pot calling the kettle “the latest in new millennium technology.”

3 “Accomplishments” Of Carly Fiorina Compared With Hillary Clinton

1. Fiorina: Sticking with the business of selling computers, while IBM got out of the business.

Hillary Clinton: Sticking with Bill Clinton.

Winner: Given Fiorina was fired from HP and given the PC business is in general, excluding Apple, is in decline, sticking will Bill and the Clinton brand name seems like a wiser accomplishment.

2. Fiorina: Not releasing a product competitive with the iPod.

Clinton: Not releasing private emails that are nobody’s business, since we have yet to see any politician ever release their private emails.

Winner: Clinton. Unless Fiorina releases all of her personal emails from her time at HP. We want to know how awesome she really thought HP’s product line-up was, and also see how many HP ink cartridges it takes to print all of the email.

3. Fiorina: Not releasing a product competitive with the Blackberry, so that it could become obsolete when the iPhone came out soon after Fiorina left HP.

Clinton: Not going back in time and forcing HP to invent the iPhone, so it could keep her emails on one clunky device.

Winner: iPhone. For not existing in an ulterior universe HP form.

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