T-Mobile CEO Mobilizes Out Of Trump Hotel

CNET reports that T-Mobile CEO John Legere apparently got in a war of Tweets with Donald Trump after being dissatisfied with his stay at a Trump hotel in New York.  Trump reportedly replied via Twitter that T-Mobile service is “terrible” and he doesn’t want it in any of his buildings, while Legere reportedly tweeted he was happy to have moved to hotel where the word “Trump” isn’t on every item in the room.

3 Observations That Arise From This Story

1. Were Legere’s Tweet’s sent using T-Mobile? If so, we think the mere ability to send a Tweet from a smart phone in NYC makes the service the opposite-of-terrible.

2. Is Donald Trump acknowledging that he has some sort of history with T-Mobile to be able to substantiate the comment that it is “terrible?”  It doesn’t really seem like T-Mobile is marketing to the billionaire crowd with it’s low-priced plans.  In fairness, perhaps T-Mobile is terrible in the way that it might not have sponsored a Celebrity Apprentice event, where all sponsors are “huge” praiseworthy “billion dollar” corporations.

3. Can Donald Trump actually keep T-Mobile out of his buildings? Saying you don’t want cellular signals in your buildings is like saying you don’t want science or glass in your buildings.  A more realistic goal would be “I don’t want gamblers in any casino buildings that ever had my name on them!”

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  1. Trump had been bankrupt a few times, so he might know a thing or two about low-cost phone plans.


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