Gamblers Ordered To Repay Casino Winnings From Unshuffled Cards

The Associated Press reports that a judge has ordered that gamblers who won over a million dollars playing baccarat at the Atlantic City Golden Nugget casino repay their winnings because the cards were not shuffled.

Reportedly, the casino thought it purchased pre-shuffled cards from a supplier, and when the cards turned out to show the same pattern again and again, the gamblers caught on, and significantly increased their bets.

As we have been trying to help corporations all week, here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For The Playing Card Company

1. “Trust Two of Diamonds-Two-Of-Hearts-Two-Of-Clubs-Two-of-Spades-Three of Diamonds Card Company for all of your shuffling needs!”

2.  “If You Are One Of The Casinos In Atlantic City That Has Not Gone Bankrupt, Talk To Us About Our Great Deals On Unshuffled Cards.”

3.  “Hey, Why Are You Complaining? At Least We Didn’t Leave The Jokers or Game Instructions Cards In The Decks.”

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