Breaking Bad Would Have Been More Boring If Hank Was On Facebook

The Associated Press reports that Facebook has warned the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to stop creating fake Facebook profiles. The letter follows a woman alleging that a DEA agent used photos from her phone to create a fake profile, presumably to trick her Facebook friends into providing the agent with information.

3 Signs You May Be Interacting With A Fake Facebook Profile

1. Is someone trying to conduct an illegal transaction with you on Facebook? While this may seem like a contrived premise of a bad movie, we hope for a movie called Ocean’s 14, where member number 14 is a fake Facebook profile trying to steal a casino steamboat.

2. The person has a long list of “likes” of illegal things or things related to drugs on Facebook. That should arouse suspicion, especially if anyone claims to “like” all of the Harold & Kumar movies and “doing time.”

3. The person “likes” battering rams, “busting felons,” and the Disney cartoon Bambi.  What kind of message is that even sending?! Answer: the person did not put a lot of thought into creating their fake profile.

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