Apple Getting Ready To Reveal iPad It Reportedly May Have “Accidentally” Revealed

ZDNet reports that Apple may have inadvertently leaked specs of the latest iPads yesterday before today’s launch.

3 Reasons We Suspect The Leaks Are Legit

1. The new iPads are not also phones. Thank you for ensuring we don’t live in a world where people are holding ever-increasingly-large objects against their ears, Apple!

2. The new iPads were not leaked with the caption “iPad” killer. Whatever happened to former iPad killer, the Blackberry Playbook, by the way? Oh right, the “Play” was to call a time out, as in time out to stop manufacturing these and hope the clock runs down.

3. The new iPads were leaked in some obscure instruction manual. Who knew Apple even made instruction manuals? Not us. Therefore, it must take a real tech nerd to find this kind of stuff, since we think the only Apple instruction manual we’ve ever seen was a leaflet included with an iPod Nano.

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